The Rabbit and Ferret Spay and Neuter Page
Spay and Neuter your ferrets and rabbits, please!
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As featured on the Spay Day USA page. Give back by supporting spay/neuter in YOUR community!
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All across North America, people learn that millions of dogs and cats are in shelters,
and that they must spay and neuter their cat or dog...
But spaying and neutering is just as essential for your smaller freinds,
and even more important for their health.

why we're here why spay a ferret? why neuter a ferret?
why spay a rabbit? why neuter a rabbit?
why wait 'till they're at least 4 months old? why you shouldn't breed email me, I dare you
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Spay: To remove the ovaries of a female animal. Neuter: To remove the testicles of a male animal (castrate)
Neuter can be used as a unisex term. 'Altered' and 'Fixed' are other common synonymous terms.